【Gaomei Wetland Taichung Half Day Tour】

Tunghai University > Rainbow Village > Gaomei Wetland
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Half Day Trip
5 Hours
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【Gaomei Wetland Taichung Half Day Tour 】

Itinerary: Tunghai University > Rainbow Village > Gaomei Wetland

< Tunghai University >
Tunghai University is Christian background university also the first private university in Taiwan. The most well-known building on campus is the “The Luce Chapel” designed by the famous architect, I. M. Pei. The chapel is made up of four pieces of three-degree curved panels, similar to the inverted bottom of the ship. The shape of the top is small and large at the bottom gives a kind of shape and stability feeling. Every Christmas, The Luce Chapel is an important place for the celebration of the Christmas party.

< Rainbow Village >
Rainbow Village is located at Ln. 56, Chun’an Rd., Nantun Dist., Taichung City. The lovely dreamy graffiti and colourful colour blocks in the village are from the hands of Rainbow Grandfather - Mr. Huang Yong-Fu. Full of bizarre fantasy painting style, bold and lively colours, brightened the village and tourists. (Reminder: There are still residents living in Rainbow Village, please behavior whenever you visit.)

< Gaomei Wetland >
The Gaomei wetland has both muddy and sandy beaches and inlaid with the estuary swamps. Therefore, it has enriched the wetland ecology. On the occasion of autumn and winter, there will be a large number of migratory birds for the season of winter in the Gaomei Wetland. A beautiful place for the bird watchers and photographers.


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- Fuel
- Tolls
- Parking Fee
- Designated driving service
- Passenger accident insurance

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- Tickets
- Personal consumption
- Meal expenses
- Overtime charge (NT 500/hour)


- Once the booking process has been completed, our customer service representative will contact the travelers for the driver's details (including the contact number and car plate number).
- In case of any heavy traffic control due to the unexpected crowd, travelers may have to take the shuttle bus or other transportations at their own expense.
- In the event of any unforeseen circumstances, unexpected weather, traffic, a new itinerary will be rescheduled and rearranged by travellers and driver.
- Please prepare your own sunblock, umbrella and drinking water during the summer season.
- No pets allowed, otherwise we have the right to cancel the itinerary and non refundable.


10% administration fees will be charged for cancellation in one week and one week above before the tour commencement.
- 50% administration fees will be charged for cancellation within one week before the tour commencement, to compensate for the loss of driver and local guide.
- Non-refundable for cancellation within 24 hours before the tour commencement, to compensate for the loss of driver and local guide.

* In the event of the company's inability to complete the itinerary:
- Full refund.
- If you fall to sick on the day, please provide your medical certificate for inspection and 10% of the administration fees will be charged.

- Accommodation cancellation is based on the accommodation‘s stipulated refund policy, please consider your own discretion and confirm with the customer service in advance.