【Sun Moon Lake, Chingjing Farm Day Tour】

Sun Moon Lake > Cingjing Farm > Little Swiss Garden > The old England Manor
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One Day Trip
10 Hours
Taichung, Nantou
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Package options

【Sun Moon Lake, Chingjing Farm Day Tour】10hr.Four pax car

NT 4,200
Number of people
Four pax car
NT per vehicle

【Sun Moon Lake, Chingjing Farm Day Tour】10hr.8-person car Volkswagen T5/T6/Hyundai Starex

NT 5,500
Number of people
8-person car Volkswagen T5/T6/Hyundai Starex
NT per vehicle

【Sun Moon Lake, Chingjing Farm Day Tour】10hr.Range Rover Evoque

NT 12,000
Number of people
Range Rover Evoque
NT per vehicle

【Sun Moon Lake, Chingjing Farm Day Tour】10hr.High-end 7-person car-Mercedes-Benz Vito/250

NT 6,000
Number of people
High-end 7-person car-Mercedes-Benz Vito/250
NT per vehicle

Itinerary Intro

【Sun Moon Lake, Chingjing Farm Day Tour】

Itinerary: Sun Moon Lake》Chingjing Farm》Little Swiss Garden/Small Swiss Garden》The old England Manor

《Sun Moon Lake》
Sun Moon Lake is the largest lake in Taiwan. It is a precious gift from God. It is set in the center of Taiwan. You can you can have a lake tour, ride a bicycle and enjoy the delicious snacks in Yi Da Shao Street. When you reach the Xuanguang Temple, there’s the famous Granma's Tea Eggs, all of this absolutely perfect for a family tour.

《Chingjing Farm》
Green Green Grassland is around the mountains and greenery hills; castles and the motels like you are in European. In the Green Green Grassland, you can feed the sheep, watch a sheep-shearing show, horse riding even sketching or painting in the with the beautiful scenery and Small Swiss Garden on the side.

《Little Swiss Garden/Small Swiss Garden》
The Small Swiss Garden will give you a beautiful Northern European atmosphere which has given it the name of “Taiwan’s Little Switzerland” and “Paradise in the Mist”. After visiting the Small Swiss Garden we will process to the Taiwan’s contemporary art “Carton King”.

《The old England Manor》
On the way to the Chingjing Farm, we will pass by The Old England Manor where is the famous Instagram photo shooting place. If possible, you could stay overnight or have an afternoon tea here with the impressive architecture and impeccable interior.


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Cost Included:

- Fuel
- Tolls
- Parking Fee
- Designated Driving Service
- Pasenger's Accident Insurance (up to USD 160,000)

Cost not Included:

- Tickets
- Personal consumption
- Meal expenses
- Overtime charge (NTD 500/hour)


-Once the booking process has been completed, our customer service representative will contact the travellers for the driver's details (including the contact number and car plate number).
-In case of any heavy traffic control due to the unexpected crowd, travellers may have to take the shuttle bus or other transportations at their own expense.
-In the event of any unforeseen circumstances, unexpected weather, traffic, a new itinerary will be rescheduled and rearranged by travellers and driver.
-Please prepare your own sunblock, umbrella and drinking water during the summer season.
-No pets allowed, otherwise Haplay Tour has the right to cancel the itinerary and non-refundable.


10% administration fees will be charged for cancellation in one week and one week above before the tour commencement.
- 50% administration fees will be charged for cancellation within one week before the tour commencement, to compensate for the loss of driver and local guide.
- Non-refundable for cancellation within 24 hours before the tour commencement, to compensate for the loss of driver and local guide.

* In the event of the company's inability to complete the itinerary:
- Full refund.
- If you fall to sick on the day, please provide your medical certificate for inspection and 10% of the administration fees will be charged.

- Accommodation cancellation is based on the accommodation‘s stipulated refund policy, please consider your own discretion and confirm with the customer service in advance.